Get Legal Advice About The Opinion of Maintenance of Wife through Lawyers in Pakistan

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Publish Date : 2021-04-23 07:21:54
Get Legal Advice About The Opinion of Maintenance of Wife through Lawyers in Pakistan

Opinion of Maintenance of Wife through Lawyers in Pakistan:

To take legal opinion on the maintenance of wife through lawyers in Pakistan you may contact Jamila Law Associates. In case of conflict of Views found in textbooks on Muslim Law, Such as Heyday a, Fatwa-i-Alamgiri, Radd-ul-Muhtar, how are the Courts to determine which of the views is correct?" During arguments on maintenance of wife through lawyers in Pakistan, we found that the more appropriate question which calls for date termination under this head is "How are the Courts to be guided in case of conflict of views among the founders of different School of Muslim in Law and their disciples, other imam and Faqihs? According to some of the Fatwa, if there is a difference of opinion among them, Imam Abu Hanifa's view shall weigh even if all his disciples differ from him.

Different Persons Opinion:

 In the absence of any mandate of his, the decision will be in Abu Yusuf's Opinion. Muhammad d, then Zufar and then Hasan Ibn Ziyad, In all judicial matters and questions on maintenance of wife through lawyers in Pakistan relating to the duties of the Courts and the Law of Evidence, the Fatwa is based on the Opinion of Abu Yusuf because of his experience as the Chief Qazi of Baghdad, and in questions relating to the succession of distant kindred on the Opinion of Muhamma d. The Opinion of Zutar has been accepted only in seventeen cases, according to Radd-ul-Muhtar, Volume 1, page 53. The view of Imam Al-Shaf i'i on disagreement (of Law) has been reproduced in the earlier part of this order. Matters concerning which God provided clear textual evidence in His Book or a Sunna uttered by the Prophet’s tongue.

Maintenance of Wife Through Lawyers in Pakistan:

On all disagreement on maintenance of wife through lawyers in Pakistan among those to whom these texts are known is unlawful.  As to matters that are liable to different 1nterpretations or derived from Analogy, he interprets or applies Analogy arrived at a decision different from that arrived at by another. Imam Shafi, I did not hold that disagreement of this kind constitutes such strictness as that arising from textual evidence. Lastly, as a doctrine or juristic preference, it is permissible that a Qazi belongs to one School of Sunni Law, such as the Hanif.

As Per The Shafi Law:

I may decide a case depending on juristic deduction according to Shafi'i law, or he may make over the case to a Shafi Qazi if there is one. In support of this view, Dr.Abdur Rahim has quoted several instances of maintenance of wife through lawyers in Pakistan. A Hanif I Qazi, following the views of other Sunni Schools, may declare that divorce by a drunken person is not valid, uphold a marriage contracted without two witnesses being present as valid. In the modern context, Courts who have taken the Place of Qazis may, with advantage, apply this rule to mitigate hardship or the rigor of a particular school of Law to which the parties belong, if the facts of the case so merit of maintenance of wife through lawyers in Pakistan.  

The Third Question's Answer May be Summed Up Thus:

  There can be no disagreement in matters provided in the Quranic and Traditional Text. Similarly, ijma is binding upon all, until changed or modified by another ijma disagree with it for according to the tradition relied upon by Imam Shafi, whatever the community of Islam may agree upon any time 1s of "God. Our lawyers in Pakistan is here for service of wife maintenance of wife.

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