Going on a cultural trip, advantages, and disadvantages

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Going on a cultural trip, advantages, and disadvantages

Going on a cultural trip allows you to discover the richness of a country, and very often, the proposed routes go off the beaten track. If not, you will at least have the chance to go behind the scenes where most tourists are content to take center stage. This is a mode of travel that is certainly a little more expensive than the classic organized tours, but the service is very different.

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Where to go for a cultural trip?

Of course, the destination must be suitable; if you choose a destination known for its beautiful beaches only, there is little chance that cultural routes will be offered. There are several types of cultural trips, again different depending on the destinations chosen:


Combine hiking and cultural travel

Trips in the heart of nature, such as treks for example, which allow you to visit an area (often by itinerant) offer the possibility of discovering the way of life of a population, the important sites, and the remains of a civilization, it is sometimes planned in this type of cultural trip to stop in villages that are usually not accessible to tourists.


Discovering the great monuments of a country

The type of cultural trip that we meet the most regularly is the visit of historic places with a guide who gives the trip a cultural dimension by entering into in-depth explanations; we discover much more than what we could have learned. by traveling alone. Asia and Europe are certainly the most popular destinations for this type of travel.


Thematic cultural trips

It is also possible to join a cultural trip on a particular theme. This type of circuit can be aimed at a more or less informed public; it is advisable to verify who the circuit is for and if it is a question of level. This type of cultural trip can be found in many and varied areas, for example, a tour on the wine route for wine lovers, following part or all of a route known as the route de la silk, trips linked to a passion such as the discovery of yoga in India, the discovery of the ancestral customs of a country as it is possible to do in Japan, etc.


Advantages and disadvantages of cultural travel

A fixed and imposed itinerary

On a cultural trip, there was room for improvisation. The itinerary is made in advance. Even if we realize that a visit that particularly interests us is not planned in the program, it is impossible to escape the group. But it is also thanks to this structure that the quality and consistency of the trip are ensured.


The weight of the group, advantage or disadvantage?

We can see the group as a burden, and proximity can sometimes be a problem, but on the other hand, it is the assurance of meeting people with whom we have at least one strong center of interest in common.


A divided vision of the country

Very often, these very targeted trips do not aim to discover all the facets of a country but to give an opinion of specialists on one side. This can be frustrating at times, especially if it is the first time you are visiting a country. But then again, there is an undeniable advantage: access to extraordinary knowledge provided by experienced guides.

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