Gyroboard Allroad v2 PFB

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Publish Date : 2021-04-26 06:02:55
Gyroboard Allroad v2 PFB

Off-road gyro board Allroad v2 (Kids Scooter for Sale) is a powerful, fast, passable, and maneuverable gyro board, which is equipped with huge 10-inch wheels with high ground clearance, a stable platform, Bluetooth Music, and a convenient control panel. This model of gyro board has already become a classic, as it offers its owner the best quality!

Thanks to the powerful inflatable wheels, wide platform, and stabilization, riding on the Allroad v2 is many times more comfortable than on other devices. He will not slip in the sand, smoothly rides on grass and paving stones, as happens with models equipped with smaller wheels.

The device has a shock-resistant case made of ABS + PC plastics alloys. IP56 moisture protection and -10 to 50C operating temperature is what will allow you to ride a gyro board at any time of the year.

Gyroboard Allroad v2 comes directly from the manufacturer, it is equipped with THREE boards and a SAMSUNG battery.

The carrying bag, which is supplied with the gyro board, allows you to always have it at hand when transporting it in public transport, it is convenient to store it even in a small room/office or transport it in the trunk of a car.

The main differences between a quality gyro board and a fake:

1. The width of the wheels.

For stability and good cross-country ability, the width of the wheels is important, but the main thing is the size of the motor in the wheel, on which power, traction and speed depend. The wider the wheel, the more powerful the engine. This gyro board has the widest wheels available, and the motors are 500W each.

2. Widebody.

The ease of control of the gyro board depends on how confident your feet are on the platform. The narrower the body, the more the toe and heel protrude, and, accordingly, stability is lost (especially on off-road). On this gyro board - the platform width is perfect for all feet.

3. LED lighting.

For gyro boards with a narrow body, lighting is only on one side, since there is an on / off button and a socket for a charger on the back. This gyro board has a button and socket on the bottom, and the LED illuminates of hoverboards from all sides!

4. Wings.

Gyroboard Allroad v2 has wings that do not protrude from the wheel, have an optimal length, due to which the body will last a long time.

5. Original TAOTAO boards.

TAOTAO boards can withstand the toughest loads, they last longer than any other board manufacturer.

6. Samsung 4400MhA battery - time-tested for quality!

7. Body made of ABS + PC plastics .

Most of the gyro board housings are molded from standard ABS plastic. To increase resistance to damage, we order enclosures with the addition of PC (polycarbonate), which will protect you from glass and cracks. You will not notice external differences, but with prolonged use - the difference on the case is noticeable.

8. Contacts of wires between the board, button, battery.

The reliability of the electronics system in any gyro board depends on the quality of the wires and their attachment between the components. In this model, everything is flawless.

Allroad v2 is the best gyro board of its generation.

Gyroboard UFT ZippyBoard Black

Gyroboard UFT ZippyBoard with 6.5 inch wheels, weighing only 9.8 kg, is capable of speeds up to 15 km / h. On a single charge, you can travel about 15-20 km of path - this is quite enough to ride around the city.

The gyro board develops the muscles in your legs, back and abs, improving your coordination. But it is also important that the gyroboard will do most of the work for you, keeping the balance due to 3 boards and an electric motor.

Gyroboard UFT ZippyBoard will be an excellent alternative to roller skates or a skateboard, it is an ideal type of personal vehicle that will be appreciated by lovers of outdoor activities and walks. This gyro board will greatly diversify your life, because now even daily walks with the dog will become even more fun. And a walk in the park with your child will not be so boring with segways.

● Availability of 3 TaoTao boards
● LED indication
● Battery discharge indicator ●
Solid tires
● Body (material): high-strength plastic ABC
● Brakes: electronic with ABS (engine braking)
● Not recommended for use in rain

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