How Do You Find The Best Keywords To Rank On?

Author : Karen Sanders
Publish Date : 2021-03-31 06:25:34
How Do You Find The Best Keywords To Rank On?

How Do You Find The Best Keywords To Rank On?

what are keywords?

Keywords are words that web searchers use to find information and describe the topics you write about on your website.

Keywords are one of the fundamental aspects of SEO, as searchers use them to find you online. It is these little gems that you should keep an eye out for in order to get your ranking in Google. Here I'll reveal how to find the best keywords for your website to rank on.

1. Brainstorm

Back to basics, pen and paper at the ready.

You may work in the digital world, but there's nothing better than using pen and paper to brainstorm wink ideas.

First, make a list of all the keywords that describe your business activity. These can range from very specific to slightly broader, but keep in mind that they still need to be related to your domain. Once you have your list of words describing your activity, think about what you would personally search for in Google to find your business i.e. what specific words or terms would you type in a search engine to get your website in the top three results to appear.

Finally, if you want to brainstorm a little deeper about keyword ideas, check out social media hashtags related to your activity to see what people are currently looking for. Hashtags are current, real-time trends, so this can be very helpful in finding the keywords people are currently using to search. They can also be less competitive with potentially high search volume meaning you can rank more easily.


Make a list of keywords that describe your business activity

Think about what you would search for in Google to find your business

Check out related social media hashtags to see what people are currently searching for within your domain

2. Think about focusing on long-tail keywords that are

I want to rank on 'blue and white pinstripe pants in size 12'.

Keep in mind that long-tail keywords are longer, more specific phrases that searchers often use in their Google searches to find more specific information.

So try not only to use the keywords from your brainstorming session above, but also think about which long-tail keywords can be used to describe your online business activity. Long-tail keywords tend to be easier to rank as they tend to be less competitive because of their specificity. For example, if your website sells home furniture, it will be very competitive to try to position yourself on 'dining tables', so it is better to try with 'wooden dining tables for 4 people'.

Long-tail keywords are used by searchers closer to the buying stage of the buying process because they type exactly what they are looking for in Google rather than a generic one or two word search. Optimizing your content with these long-tail keywords can be key to increasing your website traffic and making it easier to rank in search engine results. You don't need many of them on the page unlike keywords and they look more natural in your textual content.


Long-tail keywords are what people often use when searching online, such as longer, more specific phrases

These keywords can be ranked more easily because there is less competition for them

Long-tail keywords also look more natural in the textual content of your page

3. Add your location to your keywords.

I am right in front of the church along the small road on the left.

This point is now more focused on businesses with both a website and a physical location of their business. If you have a physical location of your business, it is essential to include your location with your keywords as it will not only increase your chances of ranking higher in the search engines, but also set you apart from the rest. Having that extra 'uniqueness' of a physical location improves the user experience.

Not only this, but your business is also displayed on Google Maps to give your local customers the choice of how they want to shop with you (online or in-store). For example, they find a product on your website that they like, but are still not 100% convinced to click 'buy'. They can see from the search results that you also have a store in the next city, perfect for them to personally check if the product is what they are looking for! A well-known example is clothing shopping, personally when I see something that I like online, I prefer to try it on in the store (if there is a store nearby of course wink) to avoid it not fitting properly and that I must send back and .

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Keyword ranking based on your location is important for physical location businesses

Your business will also be displayed in Google maps to give your customers the choice of how they want to shop, for example online / in-store

Check the keywords of your competitors

It's always good to see what they are talking about.

Always make time to check your competitors to avoid unpleasant surprises that could affect the ranking of your search results. In addition to focusing on the keywords you want to position on, it's essential to see which keywords your competitors are ranking on.

The first thing I would recommend to you is to type a few of your chosen keywords into Google at once and see which websites show up. This gives you a first impression of who dominates the top three results.

From then on, if you haven't already, use your keyword tracking tool (I can recommend a very good one to you 🙈) and add three or four of your competitors to see if they are on the same keywords If u try it. You will get useful information about whether they actually rank on the same keywords as you and their position on those keywords in the search results.


Search for some of your keywords in the search engine to see who is in the top 3 results

Use a keyword tracking tool to see your competitors' rankings on the keywords you want to rank on

5. Repetition may be key

Honey, how many times do I have to repeat myself?

You probably already know that Google hates and will punish those who repeat keywords too many times on a page (also known as 'keyword stuffing'). Repeat in the sense that the same keyword is included fifty times, but repetition is fine if the meaning of the keyword or phrase as a whole is varied enough!

Choose a keyword or phrase and come up with different meanings for that word. For example, your website compares the prices of home insurance policies. Your main keyword is 'home insurance comparison', so a deviation could be 'home insurance reviews'. The meaning is varied enough for the content of the two keywords not to be exactly the same and therefore not to be considered duplicated content.


Repetition is good if you come up with different meanings for your main keyword

E.g. Home insurance comparison can also be repeated as home insurance reviews

6. Use a keyword research tool.

I need keywords that best describe my cat accessories website.

If, after going through all of the above points, you still want or need to find keywords, try using a keyword search tool. A keyword research tool offers you keyword suggestions based on a keyword or keywords that you are already trying to position yourself on. In addition, once your keyword suggestions list is generated, you will be able to access important statistics such as:

search volume: this is the number of times a keyword is searched in a search engine

competition level: this is the number of sites that are positioned on a particular keyword

CPC (cost per click): This is the cost of the keyword if you are targeting it for paid advertising (eg For Google AdWords)

These statistics will help you decide whether or not certain keywords are worth trying to optimize. For example, it is better to choose a keyword with high search volume but little competition rather than spending time trying to position yourself on a highly competitive keyword without much success. This type of tool can also be useful for checking whether your keywords that you have previously brainstormed yourself are worth optimizing or not.


This type of tool gives you keyword suggestions related to your business activity

The tool provides useful statistics such as search volume, competition level and CPC (cost per click)

Provides insight into the best keywords to optimize


A keyword is the glue that makes your website rank in Google, so it's important that you take the time to decide which keywords you want to rank on. Remember to choose wisely and consider search volume, competition, and CPC.

So put on your thinking cap, pen at the ready, and start finding your winning words.

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