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Cleanliness and hygiene are the most important factors for a healthy life. This is because the environment in which we live is conducive to the development and multiplication of mites and bacteria, and cleanliness is what helps us avoid them and keep our health.

We spend most of the day at work, so it is not surprising that hygiene measures are taken very seriously to prevent the spread of viruses and allergies. The office and all the equipment we work with must be perfectly clean and maintained to develop daily activities. Cleaning is vital and must be performed periodically, with professional products specially designed to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria as required labor protection.

In addition, a clean office has been shown to affect productivity and professional motivation. A clean office is no secret; it has an impact on the efficiency and health of employees.


Why it must be taken into account to properly clean the employees' office

Garbage is thrown away every day. It is a very important basic operation to dispose of all waste left in the office at the end of program, especially if there is garbage that generates odors or can become polluting. It is very important to choose suitable garbage bags to avoid unpleasant odors and must be strong so as not to break. It is also important to consider the segregation of garbage.

Clean all work surfaces. The dust settles very easily, so it must be wiped daily. For each area or element, certain types of suitable products will be used; they just need to be of good quality and to disinfect as well as possible. Deep cleaning is needed to remove bacteria and prevent possible outbreaks of infection.

Clean floors properly. Because everything finally collects on the floor, the floor must be cleaned after the dust and dirt on the other surfaces have been cleaned. It is important to clean it mechanically, with efficient and higher capacity vacuum cleaners and brushes. After removing the dust, washing with water and floor sanitization solutions is also indicated.

Disinfects shared equipment. Many offices share certain electronics on a daily basis, such as computers, printers, telephones, which can lead to the spread of viruses and infections that make it impossible to do business properly. Colds and respiratory illnesses spread orally. The phone is very dangerous being used very close to the mouth.

Carpets are sanitized periodically. Many offices use carpets or rugs because they provide more warmth to the room. The problem with them is that they are difficult to clean and get dirty easily, creating an environment conducive to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and bacteria. It is advisable to use professional equipment to remove any traces of dust or dust mites; it is important that the spaces are vacuumed well, because the dirt on the floor and especially that penetrates deep into the carpet, creates an environment conducive to their development, which can be a nightmare for sensitive people. Maybe a solution would be a professional wash and dry cleaning, once or twice a week.

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Clean windows, plenty of light. Windows do not require special care, but cleaning their glass is important to allow natural light to enter the interior. The dust inside is very easy to clean if they are washed two to three times a year.

Pay attention to the toilets. When we talk about cleaning at the office, we must remember that the related toilet is totally related to it, which in turn must have a very high level of cleanliness and hygiene. In the toilet, the growth of bacteria can have a very fast pace if hygiene is not done properly. Bacteria collected on toilet lids or after faucet faucets can attack the immune system, to avoid this, you must use products for perfect, fast, and efficient sanitation, which manages to cope with germs that become increasingly resistant.

Use good quality professional products. To take care of the employee's and clients' hygiene, it is recommended to clean and disinfect with modern and efficient products in eliminating bacteria and sanitizing all the rooms used for the operation of the offices.

General cleaning must be done periodically. To take care of all the facilities in the office, you must know that depending on the degree of use of the space, the number of employees, the working hours, you need daily, weekly, and for others monthly or half-yearly care.


Why it is important to clean the office

Employee health is the most important reason why the office needs to be cleaned and sanitized properly. Especially if we are talking about open space, the working environment must be kept as clean as possible so that viruses are not transmitted from one employee to another.

Improving productivity is also one of the important reasons why a clean, fresh and pleasant environment is recommended, where you can work much more relaxed and comfortable, much more than in a place that is unpleasant to your eyes or senses.

The office is the image of the company, and whenever someone from outside the office enters, a potential customer will judge the operation of the company by order, cleanliness, and even by the smell found in the office, these being factors that intervene in the impression that the person interested in the company's services.

The office is the business card of the employee and a company. Especially if we are talking about offices where customers have access, even more so you have to pay attention to the organization and cleanliness of the offices.

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