Saba University School of Medicine Admission Requirements

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Saba University School of Medicine Admission Requirements

Saba University School of Medicine is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands. It has been educating students for over one hundred years. The school was founded in 1890 and it is one of the six branches of the University of Amsterdam. Today, it is one of the leading educational establishments in the country as well as abroad. It offers various professional and research programs to suit all educational requirements and inclinations.

Saba University School of Medicine - Facts

Saba University is also known as the University of the East. It is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Medicine. Saba University School of Medicine houses the Doctor of Medicine Degree, which is one of the most sought-after doctorate degrees in the United States.

Departments of this University

The main campus of the Saba medical school consists of ten departments namely the departments of Pathology, Pharmacology, Obstetrics, and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Medicine, Biomedical Science, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy. The school also offers certificate programs in many medical fields such as cardiology, chemotherapy, and neonatology.

The school also offers two professional schools, one is the Saba campus and the other is the University of California, Davis campus. Both of these schools have been educating hundreds of students each year with the intention of imparting knowledge to them on subjects such as microbiology, pathology, radiology, and pharmacology. There are also over twenty libraries, two laboratories, and two imaging centers that house the latest technologies in the medical field.

Enroll for this School

In order to enroll in this university, applicants need to fulfill all the admission requirements. The required qualifications include high school diplomas, SAT or ACT scores, and at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline. One can apply to the Saba University School of Medicine either online or through a campus-based program.

Those who want to take online courses have to visit the Saba campus to register for the program. The applicants have to pay their fees online and meet the eligibility requirements of the university. The Saba University School of Medicine also allows online coursework for candidates who want to do their master's degree in addition to their regular degree courses.

How to Apply for this Medical School

When it comes to filling up the Saba University application forms, those who wish to pursue a degree can visit the website of the institution and fill up the required details online. The details required are name, date of birth, Sinthi nationality, passport, or authorized country-issued identification, email ID, and contact number.

Once the above details are verified, the applicants are advised to click on the next hyperlink which is available, and this will direct them to the medical school's admission requirements. Applicants can check the eligibility criteria of the university and the various admission offers that they offer and complete the necessary application accordingly.

Online Medical Education

All those who are interested in pursuing an online degree program in medicine have to register themselves for the Saba University School of Medicine. They have to submit their curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation from their previous workplaces and any other institutions and professionals they may have attended.

Upon submission of these documents, the applicants will receive their admission offers which they have to respond to in order to decide on the course they are enrolling for. In order to complete the process faster, applicants can contact the admission officers online or in person. In case of any queries, the process can be discussed with the required science advisers within the school.

After the completion of the admission requirements, the applicants are required to submit their study certificates. These study certificates are available for download online. Upon submitting their study certificates, applicants can now look for job opportunities in Saba City. Those who have successfully completed the program will be given their degrees and diplomas upon completion of the course. However, those who failed can still reapply once they meet the minimum educational requirements.


Before you begin your search for a med school in Saba City, you have to ensure that the university you choose is accredited. This can be verified by contacting the governmental agencies in your state to check if the university is fully accredited or not. Some of the accredited medical schools in Saba include the Saba University School of Medicine, University of Alabama School of Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School, University of Nebraska Medical College, University of Texas Health Science Center, Saint Joseph Medical College, and the University of Utah School of Medicine.

You can even enquire about these medical school's admission requirements and qualifications to ensure that you get your required number of credits. You can apply for different scholarships from these universities once you have fulfilled the education requirements needed to enroll in one of their branches.

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