Scientific Benefits of Havan

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Publish Date : 2021-05-18 09:50:11
Scientific Benefits of Havan

Havan also known as Yagya or Homa/Homam is an ancient/Vedic fire ritual that finds its mention in many Holy Scriptures. The Havan not only has religious or spiritual significance but it is a ritual that gives a plethora of scientific benefits. Let us now understand how? Among the various energies that exist in the world, there are two main energies that are associated with the Havan. The first being the energy of fire and the other being the energy of sound. Havan meaning igniting the Holy fire by burning spiritual and medicinal herbs, useful twigs and so. The fire of the Havan represents the energy of heat and the sounds of the mantras that are chanted during the Havan represent the ‘nada’ (life or breath) energy. When these two energies are spread in the atmosphere they uplift an individual spiritually, psychologically, and physically. Let us now understand the scientific benefits of Havan.

Scientific benefits of Havan

When the Holy fire is ignited by offering spiritual, and scientific/medicinal Havan samagri (material) the Satvik guna (peacefulness and balance) in the air rises and makes the air pure and clean. All the spiritual, and scientific/medicinal samagri are environmentally friendly and spiritually rich to ignite divine energies in the air. Often, pure organic ghee made of cow milk is used in a Havan, and also cow dung cakes are burnt in the Holy fire, these items release and emit a lot of oxygen and other useful gases that make the air/atmosphere pure. Also, a small amount of sulphur and nitrogen is released during the havan. These gases help in killing the dangerous bacteria that are present in the air. Also, when we inhale the sulphur and nitrogen gas our eyes start watering and clean all the impurities present in the eyes. This process is known as lacrimation(flow of tears). During the Havan due to the smoke that is generated leads to cough, this clears the throat from infections and clears the respiratory passage. 

Additional Scientific benefits of performing a Havan

  • The herbs that are put in the Holy fire during Havan are natural detoxifying agents

  • The ashes that remain after the Holy fire is set off can be used as natural and healthy fertilizers for plants

  • The smoke created due to the Havan helps in killing dangerous bacteria, insects, and foul odour

  • Once the Havan is done, it is a ritual to throw away all the existing stored water in the house and fill the vessels with new water as the water absorbs the Rajas (unnecessary activity) and Tamas (inertia and lethargy).  Throw this water away and refill the vessels with fresh water is good for health

  • Due to heat generated because of the havan, makes the soil fertile

  • Due to the mantras that are chanted during the Havan, the vibrations of the house or the place where the havan is performed is corrected and energized

  • In the spiritual realm, the Ether in the body is boosted and all the negative energy and stagnant energy in the body is removed

  • The respiratory system is purified due to the smoke generated due to havan

  • The fire element generated when the Holy Fire is ignited helps in balancing the Pitta (digestion and metabolism) in our body

  • The water that we change after the havan ensures that we consume clean and bacteria-free water

  • The process of lacrimation (which makes our eyes teary) and cough helps to balance the Kapha dosha

  • Homa/Yagna relaxes your mind, and thus relieves one from stress, anxiety, emotional imbalance and brings good thoughts and builds the mental health


Did you know that there are various diseases that can be cured or their intensity can be reduced? Yes, you read it right! Homa/Havan/Yagna helps in offering relief from tuberculosis, worm infection, fever, Vata (movement and activity), Kapha (growth and new cells in the body), and Pitta (digestion and metabolism). The smoke emitted from the havan fire also helps relieve headache, migraine, asthma, fungal infections, insomnia, cold, jaundice, hair fall, goitre, and many more such conditions and diseases.

Thus, Havan is not just an ordinary ancient ritual that is passed on from one generation to the other but it holds a wide range of scientific and spiritual benefits combined that have repeatedly proven to be beneficial to human life, the environment around, and to the water element. Thus in order to gain benefits from Havan we all must make sure to make time in our hectic schedule and pay proper attention to the Vedic rituals which were designed by our ancient masters, priests, pundits in order to benefit us.

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