Some Green Tiles to Go Ga Ga Over!

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Publish Date : 2021-03-16 15:59:48
Some Green Tiles to Go Ga Ga Over!

Green tiles are the talk of the town! And we aren’t talking about only ceramic tiles. Almost all kinds of tiles in green hues are creating quite a sensation in the home décor world. The reason for the same maybe because the colour links you to nature and makes you feel fresh and blessed instantly. But plain green isn’t that happening in home décor. Some twists and patterns are required to make your décor look ravishing and uniquely refreshing.

The various patterns of greens in tiles glorify your home!

Be it mint green or leafy hues, green has a unique tint and tone in its different forms. And when these are added in tiles, the magic intensifies. However, getting the best quality of tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports is necessary. They offer a classy collection of tiles for every room available in distinct patterns and colours. Well, let’s explore the green world of tiles today and add them creatively to your home.

  • Sea green tiles — Opt for tone-on-tone textures and patterns, even prints -- see green in tiles is a fabulous solution for your beach house or contemporary home décor. Let it enhance the beauty of your living room or simply add it to your balcony, the effect would be totally serene and peaceful. (And very alluring!)
  • Bright green tiles —Want your kitchen or kid’s room or guest room to look full of energy? Then a selection of bright green tiles would be ideal for such kinds of room. It has the power to spruce up the entire space beautifully and makes the space seem super perfect. For example, you can pep up your entire block of kitchen island in bright green.
  • Subtle green shade — There is a tone of green that acts as a soothing balm -- this subtle shade of green or what we lovingly named it – neutral green -- makes the perfect base for any wall. Let it be in your dining room or simply a part of your deck, the results in all the cases would be classy with the right tint of greens.
  • Patterned tiles of green — Patterned tiles are in nowadays! They add life to the solid tiles. And imagine if the patterns are in leaf green shade or glorious green hues? They’ll melt your heart with the perfect fusion of this outstanding colour and textured pattern. Like -- tiles in diamond patterns and subdued green shade would look simply outstanding in your kitchen. And the wavy pattern in aqua green would add serenity to your foyer for sure.
  • Fun shaped green tiles — Ceramic tiles are available in all shapes and sizes. So why restrict your choice to only squares or rectangles? Pick the different tones of green in different shapes like small circles, semi-circles, hexagon shapes and create a nice medley of greens for your kitchen backsplash or kid’s room.

Influenced by the depth of green already? So, why not visit your tile supplier and ask for all the shades of greens and patterns? We are confident you will ace your décor beautifully with this colour and make your home appear magnificent! 

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