Tips For Working With Pine

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Publish Date : 2021-05-24 17:34:18
Tips For Working With Pine

Despite the common perception of the difficulties involved in working with pine, all it takes is a little preparation and the correct finishing techniques to create elegant furniture. Whether you are looking to install pine boards for flooring or other applications, you can bridle the limitations and lend classy finishes to your pine projects with the right tips. 

Here are some of the main tips and tricks to achieve brilliant pinewood results. 

Overcoming The Moisture  

Pine retains moisture, which is why it must go through a drying process before putting it to work. Because pine can still hold partial condensation even after they are dried, it is better to start working with it immediately after the drying process to avoid moisture-related distortions like warping. When shopping for pinewood, you want to meticulously explore the timber supplier’s stocks to score the finest and driest pine. Before beginning any pinewood project, ensure that the pine is properly dry to get the maximum leverage out of the wood.

Beat The Pitch

If your wood is too wet, you may end up having to clean the stains off the tools caused by the pitch. The pitch or pine tar soils the blades of woodworking tools which can disrupt a smooth cutting of the wood. On the other hand, pine that is properly dried will not leave as much residue. Nonetheless, keep good quality all-purpose cleaners handy to clean the blade after every few slices and to ensure quick, precise cuttings regardless of the moisture content. 

Finely Sharpened Tools 

Constant wiping of the tool to remove the pitch can blunt the blades. Since pine trees naturally hold moisture, it can be challenging to cut them accurately with blunt blades. The blade will end up crushing and pushing through the wood, which can ruin the wood. So, make it a point to sharpen the blades in a timely fashion for smoother and efficient woodwork. 

Dealing With Scratches & Dents

Start the pine project on a clean work surface for a dent or scratch-free experience. If the wood is large, place it on the floor but on top of a clean piece of board to prevent shavings and other potential flaws. Use a planer to remove the scratches or dents if it happens, but be careful to avoid overdoing the shavings as it may cause the wood to lose its shape. 

Classy Finish 

To achieve a gratifying woodwork finishing, it helps to take few precautionary steps. Avoid adding any conditioning or sealing materials before the wood is dry. Do a proper cushioning of the seams and counter-holes. Use a pre-stain conditioner if the wood is dry for uniform staining of the wood. 

Final Thoughts

Pine is the answer if you are looking for a cost-effective material versatile enough for various construction projects. Working with pine boards for flooring, cabinetry, or furniture can be simpler and easier with the correct pointers. To achieve stunning pinewood finishes, remember to shop for pinewood from reputed timber suppliers, use the right equipment, and be careful with the drying and working process. 

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