What Is the Difference Between Indian and Imported Cycle Brands?

Author : aakashtalwar
Publish Date : 2021-05-30 14:23:53
What Is the Difference Between Indian and Imported Cycle Brands?

Much has been said about comparing Indian bicycles to imported bicycles. To them, a sophisticated bike with some really eye-catching colors is standard. Indeed, they resemble the bicycles that we are accustomed to seeing in India.

Without an understanding of bicycle components, design, innovation, and other factors, consumers presume that premium bikes are nearly identical to or somewhat more expensive than Indian bicycles.

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However, when they discover the actual cost, they are taken aback and dismayed. Following that is the famous dialogue that we have all heard at least a hundred times. "We can acquire a motorcycle for this much, bro."

If you are one of such individuals, this post is for you!

To simplify matters, we've decided to highlight the distinction between Indian and Imported Cycle Brands.- Indian brands:

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Locally made: Bicycle brands such as Hero, Atlas, and Hercules are made in India considerably. Additionally, there is practically no design, technology, or innovation involved in manufacturing these motorcycles.

Low cost: Indian bicycle makers produce their frames from high-quality raw materials. This enables them to keep the bicycle's price down.

Duty-free imports: Needless to add, common logic dictates that if a product is created in the nation where it is sold, there will be no import duty. The same is true for Indian bicycle brands!

Spare parts are readily available: Just as bicycles are widely available, spare parts are widely known as well. Allow me to provide some context: Ludhiana, the heart of Indian cycle manufacturers, is well-known for manufacturing various bicycle components. It is a factory that is unconcerned with or unconcerned about quality. Indeed, they are so adept that they have abandoned creativity in favor of copying designs. And the patterns are so unique that you will barely notice the difference.

Low maintenance costs: Because the bicycle frame is not innovative, components are designed in India and are duty-free. The bicycle as a whole is relatively reasonable, as is the expense of maintenance. On such bikes, you may easily replace the component for a few hundred rupees.

Brands from abroad

Frame: Many designs, inventions, technology, and work have gone into developing the perfect frame for each bicycle they create. Even the composition of the raw material used to construct frames is taken into account. This is one of the reasons behind the reduced weight of bicycles.

Additionally, an Indian bicycle would rust after a year or two, but an international bicycle frame is a better long-term investment. It will not rust, fracture, or shatter until and unless you do something heinous.

Consider attempting to raise an imported bike from the center with one hand. If you do the same thing with an Indian bicycle, you will see the difference in weight distribution. An Indian bicycle is more prone to lean toward the back wheel, but an imported bike will remain stable.

Improved handling: Because the bikes are designed with so much technology, it's apparent that the bicycles would handle better than the Indian bikes any day.

Superior groupset: Imported bicycle companies utilize only top component manufacturers. You will notice Shimano or SRAM components on the bicycles, not Chinese or locally built knockoffs. Several Indian companies do use Shimano or SRAM components. This is one of the reasons why the shifting experience is very different.

Consider turning on a light switch; that is the reaction. Additionally, Shimano and SRAM gears will last you longer and are more expensive than Indian cycling components.

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