YouTube Testing Description Redesign for Web With More Focus on Comments: Report

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Publish Date : 2021-07-02 15:04:33
YouTube Testing Description Redesign for Web With More Focus on Comments: Report

YouTube is reportedly testing a redesign of the description section on the Web. The redesign tries to put more focus on the comments, video view count, publish date, and video description. The video description that currently shows up under the YouTube channel name will now be showing up right below the video title. There are some other changes that are being tested as well that essentially look to put more focus on user comments. There is no clarity on when these changes will go live for all Web users.

9to5Google reports that Google is testing new design changes on YouTube Web, particularly in the description section. The view counts and publish date show up right below the video title and are much bolder than before. The video description follows right next to the publish date and demands for more compact text than before. If the video description is too long, the new design will make it look quite cramped and if it spills to the second line, a ‘Show More' option appears. The option to add links might prove to be difficult with this redesign.

Buttons for like, unlike, share, and save appear next to the video description, depending on the size of the window. The channel name resides below the view count in a faintly outlined box. Right next to it is the comments count and top comment, both highlighted in separate boxes.

Just below the channel name will be the option to add a new comment, followed by other less popular comments posted underneath the video. This description redesign for YouTube Web users is in the testing phase and is only showing up for a few random users. There is no certainty that it may be rolled out commercially and Google may just scrap it in the development process itself. The design is also rather unclear and congested, and Google may fine tune it a lot before deciding to roll it out for all users.


YouTube App on Android Now Lets You Share Chapters From Videos

YouTube on Android now allows users to share video chapters directly. YouTube added chapters functionality to videos last year that marked out different parts of the video — for example, Gadgets 360 review videos have chapters for things like performance, or design, so you can jump to these parts if that's all you're interested in. With the new update, Android users can share a chapter rather than sending a link that starts at the beginning of the video. The resulting link contains the timestamp of the chapter, so people who get the link will go directly to the part you shared. Earlier, this was only possible when using the YouTube website on your PC.

YouTube's chapters show up as markers on the video seek bar and contain titles, indicating the end and beginning of chapters, making it easier for the viewer to jump to a certain point in the video without having to scrub through the timeline, and the feature was spotted by Android Police.

Till now, there was no way of sharing a video link with a particular timestamp through the app that would allow the recipient to start the video from exactly where you wanted.

How to share a YouTube video chapter on Android

Android users can share links to chapters in videos through the YouTube app. To do so:

Tap on the name of the chapter which shows right above the video seek bar and you will see a list of chapters with a share icon next to them.

Then, tap the share icon for the particular chapter you want and use one of the many modes of sharing to send the video to someone.

The recipient will receive the YouTube link with a timestamp that will start the video exactly from that timestamp.

The feature was spotted by Android Police on Tuesday, but in its article, it suggests that the feature could have rolled out as early as May with app version 16.20.35. We tested the feature on app version 16.24.33. In case you can't see the new link share feature on the YouTube Android app, try updating it.

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