Mental illness; What are the causes?

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Mental illness; What are the causes?

What Causes Mental Illness? This is a question that you have surely asked yourself? Did you find an answer? For my part, I did some reading to realize that there are several "causes" to the onset of mental illness. Be careful; here, it is not a question of finding a culprit but explaining mental illness's harsh reality.

Mental Illness Triggers

Despite the research carried out in this area, we do not yet know the causes of each of the mental illnesses. However, triggering factors are often identified as painful events favoring the disease's onset, such as losing a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job, an accident, or severe physical illness.

In relation to these disturbing events, each individual reacts differently, according to his temperament, personality, and experience. Some people have an increased vulnerability to stress, so they are more likely to respond negatively.

Can stress trigger mental illness?

Mental health is a continuum that we all move on in our way (from illness to health). This continuum is interspersed with life events that vary our position. A person who is vulnerable to stress maybe a little closer to the disease pole without being glued to it.

If this person has good ways to manage stress and cope with events, they will not get closer to the disease pole. On the other hand, if she does not control the stress and emotions generated, she risks tipping a little more towards this same pole. It is therefore important for each person to recognize where they are in general and to be able to establish what can vary their position on the continuum.

Mental illness explained by genetics?

However, it is not only life events that can trigger the onset of mental illness. We now know that there is a biological origin to certain diseases. Thanks to technology and science, the brain is better and better known. Researchers have identified certain substances, including serotonin and dopamine (neurotransmitters playing an important role in developing mental illnesses), as significant factors.

Unfortunately, there is no rapid and precise test (e.g., blood test) to determine if a person has a deficiency or an overproduction of neurotransmitters.

Genetics, yes, but not the only cause

For some diseases, genetic factors are more important. On the other hand, they are never the only ones involved.

While the disease affects three to four people in 10,000 in the general population, the incidence increases to 15% in a single-family. However, it must be remembered that mental illness is the result of several factors. From the moment a diagnosis is issued, it is up to the affected person to take charge of their health and reposition themselves on the continuum.

Bad Lifestyle Habits and Mental Illness?

Several other factors have a negative impact on mental health, such as heavy drinking, drug use, poor diet, inadequate sleep, etc. While these factors can cause your position on the disease continuum to vary, there are sure to be some that can take you in the other direction.

What to do to have good mental health?

Here are a few examples: self-esteem, effective communication, stress management, recognizing your emotions, having a good social network, etc. The important thing when we are faced with mental illness is to have the right tools.

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