7 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Attention

Author : netashaadams
Publish Date : 2021-05-04 10:20:28
7 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Attention

A visitor will not stick to your website for more than 20 seconds if it is not providing them something of value. It's a proven fact from a survey report. Now, what falls under the umbrella of value? Well, the list is long and comprehensive enough to spend an entire day discussing it. While focusing on the building components, you need to avoid the factors that shoo your visitors away. These factors are often named mistakes made in website design and development. The major adverse effect you can face with these faults is your website will fail to get attention. This content will explain some of the flaws mistakes with possible solutions. Keep reading to learn more!

Seven web development mistakes you need to avoid at any cost

This article has spotted some of the flaws that might kill your website presentation. Going with these mistakes will give you nothing but a higher bounce rate. A list of mistakes with how to combat them is explained here. Let us begin!

1. Poor visual quality:

A website is designed to portray information about your brand and business. Every aspect of your webpage is intended to educate your visitors. From content to the visuals, nothing should be taken lightly. Your website's images and graphics quality should be up to the mark since they make a lasting first impression for the visitors.

The images and visual quality of your website play a vital role in communication with prospects. Presenting high-quality visuals produces higher customer engagement and delivers better results. Focusing on your image quality can help in social shares and even SEO campaigns.

2. Outdated content:

Why would a visitor stick on your website for more than 2 seconds if your content is outdated? A visitor is never entertained with obsolete information, and that is why you should avoid it. The biggest possible turn-off could be seeing obsolete content on your web page. Updated information is one element that could provide value to your prospects and visitors.

The biggest advantage of updating your web content is that it brings zing to your website. Irrelevant information is viewed as a flaw and should be avoided. Is your webpage loaded with obsolete data and content? Get it updated by connecting with SEO experts.

3. Website is not mobile-friendly:

When the quantity of your web clients is developing like a fiasco, a responsive version of your site becomes necessary. Sites that open easily on the desktop may lose pixels and act vaguely on different devices. While chipping away at the site, ensure it has a viable responsive version for mobile users. The responsive version of your website could assist users from different devices, enhancing your user experience (UX).

4. Website is not search-engine-friendly:

Your website can’t deliver results if it's not showing in search engine result pages (SERPs). How can the visitors access and open your site if it is not there? Great visual quality and updated content will go useless if your website is not search-engine friendly. It would be best if you focused on SEO matters and design updated digital marketing strategies.

Develop website pages that are easily discovered by search engines like Google and Bing. Focus on optimizing all the web pages with content optimization and a strong domain name. Doing so will accurately reflect what content lies inside your site.

5. Website content is disorganized:

A client visits your site to get a reason served. Regardless of whether he is there to purchase products or needs answers to his inquiries, ensure he gets everything without missing out on the track. Keep your site route simple to follow and files accessible. Effectively available FAQ, Contact, and Service pages improve user experience. The immediate goal of client inquiries improves the site's brand image and trust; else, sites neglect to convey results.

6. Higher loading time:

Another recurring factor that shoos away the visitors is the slow loading time of a webpage. Visitors are always in a hurry, and they can’t wait 20 seconds for your site to load. Ultimately, you are letting them fall into the hands of your competitors.

Make sure your website load faster so that customers don't bounce back. The best way to capitalize on this point is to bring website experts to the table. Who but a professional website maintenance company can help your cause?

7. Misplaced/poor CTA:

Your visitor is satisfied with your offerings, and he/she is convinced to close the deal with you; where should they look first? The call to action (CTA) button, of course. The CTA button should be located at visible spots on your website so the visitors can easily click it. Make sure it contains every bit of contact details and address of your company.

Ensure a Dynamic Website with Expert Web Developers!

A website is a gateway to your brand, and it always makes the first impression. Businesses need to focus on this point and make the first impression count. It is only possible if your site is dynamic enough. Get in touch with an expert development company to have your site break new grounds!


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