Can You Use Instagram To Grow Your Business?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-22 17:34:10
Can You Use Instagram To Grow Your Business?

From collecting insights to marketing merchandise, instagram continues to carry out tools to help company owners flourish their business on the photo-sharing social media website. Businesses may use Instagram to sell their goods and services, build their image, and improve revenue with the right marketing plan. Here we will discuss some points which can be really helpful in Instagram business promotion.

Use of unique and professional pictures to market your brand

Product images have always been important in online shopping, and the visual network of Instagram brings that power to new heights! Detailed photographs are more important to 67 percent of buyers than product specifics or even reviews from other customers while making a decision.

Instagram is a mobile marketplace that directs its users to websites where they can make transactions. Instagram provides a friendly community where its users can interact with each other. For instance, if you are running a business, an appropriate promotion and  display of  your brand's products and aesthetics will bring your targeted audience  to you when they are about to buy. 

Professional quality photograph sizes

Your images are automatically squared inside a 612 x 612 pixels frame by the Instagram standard so avoid an uncomfortable crop or distorted shot that detracts from your professionalism. When choosing a portrait, keep the square shape in mind otherwise the whole beauty of the picture will be lost.

Be certain that the pictures convey professionalism. That means they must be of high quality. Save your images at twice the resolution size as it is a good bet for preserving consistency.

To keep the output flawless you can restrict the image size in Photoshop to 1024 x 1024 pixels to your Instagram specs.  

Use of Instagram editing tools to make unique images

Every day, 95 million images are uploaded to Instagram. For too much visual competition, you could upload “look at me” images that are not scrolled through.

Instagram has a range of in-app filters that can be used to change the colors and moods of your snaps. Only be clear enough that the images are easily identifiable as belonging to your brand's theme. To determine what appears best, use your own eyes and judgment.

Create one-of-a-kind lifestyle photos to represent your brand's culture

You must focus on bringing value and beauty to your feed if you want followers to remain around because your Instagram account is not a direct sales market.

Provide followers with promotions and exclusive announcements

Fill your followers' feeds with bonuses, exclusive deals, and insider information. Text overlay allows you to include the promotion directly on the picture, which is a trendy and visually appealing way to advertise promotions and discounts.

Share exclusive insider information and promote events

A geo-tag occurs above your photo and contains a location (street, neighborhood, or country) to let supporters know where you are physically. Geo-tags inform prospective consumers about where they should go to find and purchase the goods. You should also capitalize on neighborhood loyalty. Often companies use Instagram to advertise activities, utilizing geo-tags to share the venue and welcome followers who live nearby.

Use of hashtags to increase the accessibility

Instagram feeds shift rapidly, and the posts will quickly get buried. Hashtags are the only way to extend the lifespan of your Instagram content. They group your posts into groups connected by a keyword and keep them discoverable indefinitely.

Create captions that are active and inviting

Your profile is the main attraction of your Instagram posts, but without an appropriate caption, you cannot receive the maximum amount of interaction and comment from the Instagram community. Many brands have a quick call-to-action or direct query to include the extra invitation that sparks discussion about your message.

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