Fix Canon Printer Problem

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Fix Canon Printer Problem

Microsoft word is the app that comes under the most constant text editor that comes with thousands of features. With the Microsoft word application, you'll be able to generate documents like books, newsletters, resumes, test papers, and a lot more. However, as we know that every application has both benefits and disadvantages as a coin has two sides. Microsoft word comes with its share of problems. Like, when you are doing some work in your MS Word in between you get the error MS term not reacting in the very top where the file name appears.

However, nothing to be concerned about, In this article you will find a complete guide on how to fix MS word not reacting errors by trying 8 simple ways.

The Way to Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding?

It is specially designed for repairing any sort of error and retrieves the text contents, images, graphs, links, tables, plus a lot more.

This tool fixes severely corrupt .doc/.docx file formats generated from other versions of MS Word such as MS Word 2000/2003/2007/2010. It is compatible and works fine on Windows 2000/2003/XP/ / Vista/7 and Windows 8 latest OS. MS Word repair tool shows the trailer of Word files, covers almost all Word file corruption mistakes and it includes a simple to use and self-explanatory interface.

So, simply download, install, and then try the actions to understand the way to mend Microsoft word 2016 not responding or every other type of problem related to MS Word document.

Steps to Fix MS Word As It Is Not Responding:

Step 1: User Interface should just choose one file by clicking a 'Select File' option or on a folder that contains all phrase files. They need to click the 'Select Folder' or need to find the file by clicking on the 'Find File' alternative.

Step 2: For a list of the chosen file is displayed, the user needs to thus create the assortment of the Word document by using a checkbox which they need to fix. They have to choose all files by copying the select All' checkbox. After that, they have to click on the scan button again.

Step 3: He/she could easily saw the record of the scanned document just by clicking on the file in either 'Complete record, also filtered text' formats by clicking the tab provided on the middle pane of the window.

Step 4: When the scanned word file is a*.doc file, then there is an available preview at the "Raw text" format together with the filtered Text' formats and complete Document' and filtered Text' formats.

Step 5: For fixing, the consumer needs to just click on click on the start Repair' alternative. They then have to earn a selection of the option for saving their document in the'Save' Document' dialog box and thus click on the ok button again.

How Do I Repair Microsoft Word Not Heard Immediately?

Below I've discussed all the probable strategies to solve Microsoft term 2016 not reacting Windows 10 mistake easily.

Way #1: Establish Add-ins

The third-party Add-ins is among the important reasons which can lead to Microsoft Word 2007 not reacting mistake. So, I counsel you to just disable Add-ins to resolve this issue.

To start with, access a Safe mode & initiate your Word document

After that, Go into the"File" and then"Word Alternatives "

Next, you have to go to the"Add-ins" option.

At the moment, create a tap "Move " button that's located near the box"Manage: Com-in Add" named.

Eventually, click on the checkbox to simply disable the add-ins that are recorded click & there"OK".

Well, starting the Word in a secure mode will permit you to see if your app works well or not. To start your Word document in secure mode, just try the below steps:

Or you can press & hold the Ctrl key and simply double-click on a Word shortcut.

Currently, if your Word document opens usually, then it means that the record is not corrupted. But, if you can't open the Word file in safe mode then it gets corrupted.

At last, you have to go for the Word repair tool to fix your damaged files.

Another process to correct corrupted Word files would be to open and fix the utility. So, here are the steps to try out this utility and also solve this problem.

Step 1: First, start your Word to the machine using a safe manner

Step 2: Next, click the option Open in a left sidebar.

Step 3: Choose the Read on the below display to Just browse your PC for a debatable file/folder.

Step 4: Navigate to a folder in which the file is stored, choose it. And, click on an arrow next to the Open

Step 6: Then, MS Word will attempt to open your file & repair it.

Way #4: Try The Microsoft Office Application Recovery

As a way to fix MS word if it is not reacting mistake, you'll be able to try the Microsoft Office Application Recovery option.

Primarily, visit the Start after which All Programs

at this time, you have to click on the Microsoft Office Tools, after that MS-Office Application Recovery

choose the file which is not reacting / opening when you may see the record of some currently running application.

In the last step, click on"Recover Program ", then fix & recover a record in which you're working.

Well, if you're using the system drive to directly save your Word documents, then you can disconnect the network drive in the PC to fix MS Word not responding.

Only, go to the choice My Computer and make a tap it.

Last, click the OK to simply disconnect your drive.

After completing all these steps, now your contents on a system drive are readily obtained through Windows Explorer.

The issues with the MS Office applications such as Microsoft Word are extremely common, hence these programs come bundled with all the utility to repair any type of issues.

Measure 1: Initially, you need to go to the Control Panel.

Measure 2: Subsequently, click on Uninstall the program option.

Measure 3: Choose the Microsoft Office from the appearing list, and then tap the Change.

Measure 4: Now, choose the Fast Repair choice on the display and click on the Repair.

Measure 5: However, if Fast Repair not able to fix the problem, then proceed with an Online Repair.

Way #7: Changing A Default Printer

Sometimes, the error may happen as a result of printer settings. These printers aren't printers; they use to ease the folks into sending the files to some other programs or a different file type. canon printer printing blank pages, Therefore, to change the default printer, follow these measures:

Press the Windows + S collectively and then, type the"controller panel" in a dialogue box to start the app.

Currently, view the large icons option and choose the"Devices & Programmers ".

At the time, you want to choose another printer and choose them as the default option by making right-click & deciding on the option.

Finally, reboot the machine and check whether the issue has been solved.

Way #8: Repair the Microsoft Word

The mistake of Microsoft Word not responding may take place because of the corrupted/damaged app files. Therefore, you want to correct this problem as soon as you can. Here are the directions.

First, make click on the Start button and then click on the Run.

Currently, click on the Microsoft Office, then click the option Repair.

Please Notice: When a Repair choice isn't available, then create right-click on the Change >> select Repair at a pop-up and click on the Continue option.

Why Does Microsoft Word Keep Saying Not Responding?

There could be several reasons for displaying MS Word keep not responding error. Some of the major variables are:

Virus or malware attack - Hotmail is the main threat to files saved on your PC. It can corrupt your phrase program to malfunction.

Plug-ins along with add-ons of software - Installed plug-ins and provides on of other software that is installed in your pc is utilized to believe contributing troublemakers for the incidence of these malfunctions.

Confliction of apps - If Microsoft word is becoming in conflict with some other applications, such sort of error or message you will get.

Helpful Strategies To Reduce MS Word Not Heard Issue:

Shield your system by your sudden power surge

Always shield your computer from Virus & Malware

Never utilize the MS Office application on the mapped network drive

Don't close the MS Word document unexpectedly.

Time to Verdict

After going through the preceding article, you may have discovered how to fix MS word not reacting error in a post-apocalyptic manner. But, if you would like an immediate way to repair MS term not reacting to Windows 10 mistake, then you must try the exceptional Word File repair tool.

Also, you have noticed what triggers the"Microsoft term keeps freezing and not reacting " problem. Therefore, try to avoid these mistakes and issues which may lead to a Word document corruption issue.

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